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Marjorie Brody

Marjorie Brody

FIRM: Brody Professional Development

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Public Speaking, Etiquette


Marjorie Brody has educated and inspired thousands of audiences to step up and demonstrate their real worth in organizations across the country and around the world. She’s been described as: sassy, wise, irreverent, remarkably insightful and classy. With enough degrees, honors, awards and certifications to make the most accomplished among us envious, Marjorie Brody, MA, CSP, PCC, CMC, CPAE, has become the go-to “sage” for organizations and leaders looking for honest feedback and real-world solutions.

100% of participants from previous programs rate this speaker highly

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"Executive Presentation Skills: How to Deliver Any Message with Power Influence and Credibility


 “Executive Presentation Skills:
How to Deliver Any Message with Power Influence and Credibility”

“Increased my confidence that I can conduct meaningful presentations.”

-- Anabel Natali, RQ Construction, Inc.

“Logical steps given on preparing for a presentation. If I follow her recommendations, I will be a more confident presenter.”

--  Gertie Permann, Nursefinders.

“The presentation provided useful insight in what not to do even down to as minute a detail as which side of your presentation to stand on and what to do with your body during statements. There was a lot of great info in this seminar!”

--  Susan Fowler, Caliper

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