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The Essentials of Navigating Difficult Conversations With Employees

Your supervisors and managers must be prepared to have difficult, even uncomfortable, conversations with employees. It goes with the territory. However, too many managers practice avoidance — usually because they lack the skills necessary to handle confrontation. As a result, problems fester and their credibility and effectiveness suffer.

That's why you’re invited to check out The Essentials of Navigating Difficult Conversations With Employees — a powerful 48-minute training program that provides your supervisors and managers with practical guidance on how to take on difficult employee conversations quickly and effectively.

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Are your supervisors wimping out on tough conversations with employees?

Are your supervisors and managers skilled leaders who can address difficult conversations head on? Or do they put off potential confrontation and hope the problem will resolve itself?

If your organization is like most, you have at least a few supervisors or managers who could use some help.

The Essentials of Navigating Difficult Conversations With Employees is the perfect tool to give them the confidence they need to become more effective and respected leaders. Leadership expert Amy Henderson shows you how to make difficult conversations with employees happen sooner, go more smoothly and produce better results.

In this 48-min, CD-ROM you will learn:

  • The five keys to navigating difficult conversations
  • The three biggest mistakes managers make when engaged in a difficult conversation
  • What beliefs and assumptions often get in the way when managers conduct difficult conversations
  • How to handle predictable resistance from employees
  • Proven techniques to communicate more clearly and drastically reduce misunderstandings
  • How to pave the way for 2-way dialogue rather then lectures and disagreement
  • Assertiveness skills to help managers express facts and opinions honestly and directly

About the Program Developer: Amy Henderson, CEO of Henderson Training, is a seasoned trainer and facilitator who has expertise as both a manager and an entrepreneur. Her extensive background allows her to draw on her own experiences and to share much more than theory. Amy's credentials include over a decade of working in the financial services industry, a B.A. in Business Management, and certification in well-known training programs such as Situational Leadership® from the Center for Leadership Studies, 4mat® Learning Styles, and Achieve Global.

Remember, your order comes with a 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction. If you're not happy with this program, for any reason, simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

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This critically important leadership pack includes:

  1. Performance Talk (preview now)
  2. Salary Talk (preview now)
  3. Difficult Conversations (preview now)
Successful managers and supervisors understand that strong communication skills are essential to leading a high-performance, high-morale team. Unfortunately, not every manager is a born communicator and many struggle when it comes to "difficult conversations" -- about performance, salary and a host of other issues.

That's why we're proud to introduce The Tough Talks for Managers & Supervisors Series -- a powerful collection of three desktop training programs that's perfect for group or individual professional development.

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